Mussel Farm Fishing


Mussel farms are magnets for marine and fish life, providing food and shelter for them. This makes them ideal places to go fishing!

Chance to catch a trophy fish!

Snapper love these man made structures often choosing to feed on the mussels attached to ropes that hang from the surface to sea floor.

Fish species on offer: snapper, trevally, kahawai, john dory, kingfish and more!

Coromandel has many mussel farms as part of its aquaculture industry that are and the main farms are found in the Firth of Thames, Mania, Coromandel Harbour and the Hautapu Channel areas. There are also many more smaller mussel farms to be discovered in remote areas around the islands on the western side of Coromandel Peninsula.

The mussel farmers are constantly working around the farms and this also involves harvesting which also attracts any fish lurking in the area. The harvesting process creates a lot of debris (giant berley trail) in the water which contains other marine life living alongside the mussels. Not only is fishing productive during harvesting but also after for a day or two. Coromandel Fishing Charters knows the activities on the mussel farms and will put you on prime places at the best time.

We can supply rod/reel, tackle and bait or bring your own!



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